Buy a Car

Not only did DRIVEWEST save me an enormous amount of time and stress out of my busy life, they hand delivered my Lexus RX350 beautifully detailed and with a comprehensive history report.  I appreciated their total transparency and no price haggling policy. Highly recommend DRIVEWEST – a 5 star experience!

-Rebecca E, Calgary, Alberta

An average person is not an expert on cars, so why do we try to buy and sell when we don’t really know what we are doing?  When we aren’t sure, most of us turn to car dealers, who, let’s be honest, are heavily influenced by the vehicles they have on their lot. I try to get all of my friends and family to go to DRIVEWEST because they offer unbiased advice and help customers get exactly the vehicle they want.  And all without annoying price negotiations.

-Anthony P., Calgary, Alberta

Sell a Car

It was time to return my 24 month lease back to Subaru.  I was referred to Stefan with DRIVEWEST as I was told he specializes in leasebacks.  After assessing my vehicle, Stefan wrote me a cheque for $1500 more than the Subaru dealer was going to give me.  Stefan even went to Subaru and paid off the remainder of the vehicle for me, so the transaction only involved me meeting him to look at my car and depositing an unexpected $1500 cheque! Truly a win-win and the service blew me away.

-Jeff M, Calgary, Alberta

I had a Corvette that I needed to sell after being laid off.  I was laid off in August and tried to sell my car unsuccessfully for 10 week.  It was then December and not exactly the easiest car to sell that time of year.  I called DRIVESWEST and they offered to broker my car deal for me.  They found a buyer in less than 3 weeks.  How they sold a summer car in December was nothing short of amazing.  I am very grateful for their service and recommend them to all of my family and friends.

-Darrell M, Canmore, Alberta

Car Appraisals

I have worked for many years in Family Law and have used DRIVEWEST when there is a disagreement about the value of vehicles, farm equipment or collector vehicle collections.  His honest and thorough assessment provides a neutral, professional opinion on values to be considered for asset splits, estate distribution and through the divorce process.  The service has always been good with quick turnarounds and with little direction, which I appreciate as it takes work off my plate.

-Todd W., Lawyer, Airdrie, Alberta.

Cars Sold to Satisfied DRIVEWEST Customers

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